The Brilliant World of Wildflowers

Flower lovers take a special interest in wildflowers as they are colourful, fragrant and beautiful. They can be grown absolutely anywhere and they grow spontaneously even often when not deliberately grown by individuals. It is due to the popularity of wildflowers that individuals can buy commercial wildflowers. Take a look at some of the most popular which you can buy too a create a meadow of your own.

  • African daisy – Dimorphotheca aurantiaca comes in amazing colors of orange, yellow and white and a South African native that grows annually.
  • Elm – Ulmus sp. Is a wind pollinated flower and a beautiful purplish flower that blooms early in the season.
  • Drummond Phlox –phlox drummondii is exquisite deep red that loves water.
  • Dog Violet – Viola Rivinana appears a week after violets bloom and purple round in shape.
  • Corn flower – Centaurea cyanus is an Europe annual native in various colours from red, pink, white and blue
  • Coltsfoot – tussilago farfara – is a lovely yellow flower you see on roadside verges
  • Clasping Cone flower – dimorphotheca aurantiaca is easy to identify with its black cone centre and bright yellow drooping flowers
  • Celandine – Ranunculus ficaria – is a delicate flower in light yellow in a rosette form
  • Butterbur – petasites hybridus is also known as Monk’s Rhubarb

Meadow maintenance is wonderful and one of the top reasons why you cannot go wrong with your own luscious meadow of some of the hundreds of glorious species available. People should know that low maintenance is not meaning no maintenance. After seeding please do some weeding for obvious weeds present. Depending on weather too you should water your seedlings for the first few weeks but do not over water either. A meadow also thrives when you mow it once a year in late fall after they dropped their seeds. You will find it glorious next spring.